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Finding it hard to break into the top 3 for it`s main keywords

Got a website that is finding it hard to break into the top 3 for it`s main keywords, it`s in position 5 - 6 at the moment. The site is https://www.cleanmycarpets.co.uk/
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  • John Bosworth: That’s because you’re keyword stuffing for a start. Your sentences make no sense?
  • Christopher Chorley: The client has written them and will not change them
  • Tom Livingstone: Check your anchor text ratios mate. Looks heavily over optimised for partial matches of carpet cleaning. Check your competitors anchor text ratios and try to replicate it
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Have them watch this: https://moz.com/blog/8-old-school-seo-practices-not-effective-whiteboard-friday And, of course, keyword stuffing isn`t mentioned there since that`s been out of vogue since 2008 or so. lol Not sure how to help there.
  • Dumb SEO Questions: The hosting is rubbish. Your client will probably get to where they want to be just by investing in some decent hosting. It looks like it`s on someone`s VPS somewhere in Bulgaria. :)
  • Neil Cheesman: Seriously? Who do they get to write this stuff? Pre-prep? "The task of keeping your domestic carpets dirt free and clean is a very difficult one, especially when you have a children and pets." and " cleanmycarpets.co.uk are the leading professional carpet cleaning Warrington. " They need to look up - GRAMMAR - this is sh*t... IF I was a potential customer - I have now left...
  • Christopher Chorley: Can anybody recommend anybody who can rewrite the content please? Also how can the writer check if it`s keyword stuffed? Thanks again for the help everybody.

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