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Errors are: Status Index coverage

I would appreciate some GOOGLE search console expertise. My new site was accepted and more than half my wordpress pages where SITEMAPPED, in the search console it has been saying I am having a few errors, that need to be fixed.

Some fixes failed for Index coverage issues

Errors are: Status Index coverage

Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’

183 pages affected it says, then it leads me to this page to fix but im lost as what to do from here...

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  • Casey Markee: If the pages that are marked NOINDEX are the following, then ignore them: - tag pages - paginated content - author pages Those are low-quality pages you don`t want in the index. You need to be leaving these as NOINDEX. Don`t make Google waste your limited crawl budget crawling this stuff. They never generate traffic. Pages that don`t generate traffic need to be NOINDEXED.
  • Paul Thompson: The warning is telling you that you have pages that are marked noindex, but that your system is also including those pages in the xml sitemap. That is a contradiction. The very purpose of the sitemap is to specify the URLs you DO want in the index. You need to adjust the settings in the Sitemap section of Yoast under the Taxonomy tab to specify that Tag URLs should be excluded from the sitemap. (And any others you may have noindexed.)
  • Michael Martinez: Many of the warnings coming out of the search console about indexing problems in the past 2 weeks have been completely bogus. If you go through these checklists people are suggesting and don`t find any problems, take the warnings with a grain of salt.

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