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How tough is it to rank and get leads for a small niche?

Newbie question?! How tough is it to rank and get leads for a small niche like “tiny homes”? Just took a client on that wants leads to build tiny homes? Any strategy suggestions? Any and all advise would be helpful? How best can i get this client leads??Thanks in advance!
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  • Jesse McDonald: While you are building the site and working on getting it rankings/traffic, try some PPC to the site or a landing page. This will help the client see leads faster while the SEO portion catches on.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Considering there is an entire "buy tiny homes" shopping carousel, and a big mix of builder sites and news entries all for that one phrase, and TV shows all about tiny homes, I am going to guess the niche is already saturated. So the key is to evaluate how strong the sites are in the niche through a base evaluation, then make this site better. Once that is done, the site owner needs to get serious news and journalist coverage, if they want strong inbound signals. At that point, it becomes a matter of leverage through consistent effort.

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