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Two schemas on one page

When doing Schema Mark up, can I mark up my home page for Organization and also mark it up for Local Business?

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  • E Dieter Martin: Your local business is an Organization and inherit`s the attributes of an Organization. For instance, address is an attribute for Organization. where openingHours comes from LocalBusiness. Check the LocalBusiness page on
  • Williams Ben: I understand, but on the Organization schema there is no markup for openHours, but I want to still have the opening hours. For Example I am in the News niche. I try to choose local business but there is no News type for local business only in the Organization. So I was asking if I can still add Local business to my home page as I already have the Organization mark up?
  • Jason Chong: I think he is saying add local business, by default that will include organisation. My understanding is that you can write the details you currently have under organisation into local business - wider people can confirm or deny rhis

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