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I have 5 duplicate domains

A question to TECH specialists out there:

A client has 5 duplicate domains with indexed pages from each of them. Basically this:

- dup-domain-1: About 12, 000 results (No Referring domains)

- dup-domain-2: About 7, 670 results (No Referring domains)

- dup-domain-3: About 5, 930 results (5 Referring domains)

- dup-domain-4: About 4, 930 results (No Referring domains)

- dup-domain-5: About 381 results (1 Referring domain)

The tech team told me that ‘route 53 redirection to all of these duplicate domains’. Also, if we add any content to our main domain the same landing page will be added to these domains.

I cannot see the type of these redirects as all these search results return a privacy error message as all these old domains and their pages have SSL issues.

Now to the questions:

1. What is route 53 redirection and why would they – the dev team – want it instead of 301 redirects? I obviously googled it, but still cannot really get it expert for the fact that is one of the Amazon services?? Is this correct??

2. I also learnt the ‘You cannot create a HTTP 301 in Route53’ – is this true? If so, what does it mean from SEO point of view if we have all these above duplicate results with SSL issues that not using 301 redirects but route 53 redirection? Would all this have negative impact on the main domain? If so, how bad is it?

3. My original recommendations was to remove all these search results from the index. The dev team is asking me now either we should remove route 53 redirection? How to remove all these results from Google’s index? Remove route 53 redirection and simply add noindex to them instead of 301 as most of them do not have any values from acquired backlinks.

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Ash Nallawalla: I know nothing about Route 53, but here is a blurb on it.

  • Karina Kumykova: Thank you!
  • George G.: just add HTTP header to all nofollow, noindex. problem solved. its a one line code unless all the urls are clean html lol.
  • Karina Kumykova: thanks! but do I need to remove Route 53 first?
  • Michael Martinez: Route 53 is a stupid response to the problem. If the content is being automatically duplicated across multiple domains then the correct solution is to add "rel=`canonincal`" (not "noindex, nofollow") to the headers so the search engines know which domain to collapse everything else onto.
  • Karina Kumykova: so, following this, collapsing everything into one should be a priority number 1 rather then to have removing duplicate domains with no value based on their backlink profiles? Sorry just really want to understand and give them the reasoning.
  • Karina Kumykova: really appreciate your help!
  • Michael Martinez: Duplicate content in and of itself doesn`t hurt anything. If those domains are accruing any kind of value through backlinks you want to attribute the value to appropriate original destinations.
  • Michael Martinez: Let me add that natural links are hard to come by and most natural links are mistaken for "bad" links by Web marketers. Just accept what the universe gives you.
  • Karina Kumykova: lol thank you!

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