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Google map embed and stacking

Google map embeds, Google custom maps, google map stacking etc. I finding these services to help with local SEO. I"m hoping for some impartial information around these. Are they useful? Are they dangerous (likely to be penalised by google? Thanks
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  • Stockbridge Truslow: I can`t imagine Google penalizing you for using one of their services.

    That said... sure, they can help. It`s one (of many) ways you can signal your location - which can be important for many businesses. It`s one (of many) ways to signal where all your branches are (if that`s applicable).

    It used to be that "Location, Location, Location" was only really important for real world businesses. Now, it`s important online, too.
  • Tim Capper: Pretty much a waste of time.

    However if you are using them alongside content - they are very useful and do get a lot of traffic which leads back to source.

    I use them on hotel sites that create things to do, best restaurants, etc

    You can test it for yourself how rubbish this is - create a map - put your label on a landmark somewhere / anywhere - wait for it to be indexed and then search - landmark name and your service - voila nada, zip, nothing

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