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The keyword term "near me"

For a service based business the keyword term including `near me` has a lot of searches. How best to incorporate that into the text in a natural manner? I can come up with service `near you` but not quite sure how to exact match - if that is even important?
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  • Michael Martinez: It would be pointless to attempt this as "near me" triggers special algorithms that compute distances between searchers and local businesses.
  • Shane Lowry: You do not need to include "near me" in your copy. Make sure that you have claimed your Google My Biz page and you are registered on Google maps. Also check your NAP is consistent everywhere you have it. When people search for "...? near me" Google will display results that are close to searchers location.
  • Jason Chong: Thanks for that interesting insight. I didn`t realise it triggered something else in the background! Been trying to figure out how people get ranked for it
  • Stockbridge Truslow: As Shane says above... The main trick here is to make sure you`ve got a Google My Business listing. Then it knows WHAT you are, the SERVICE you provide, and WHERE you are. It`s also pretty good about understanding various niches - for example, "Pizza Delivery near me" is going to limit things to just a handful of miles because it has to be delivered in a reasonably short period of time. On the other hand, "Roofing Contractors near me" might show things from a lot further away since these types of businesses might travel a few hours to service a client.

    Keep in mind that when you`re looking at the results with the map and the blips and all that - that is primarily driven by distance. There`s a bit of SEO trickery you can do in there, but at the end of the day - closest wins.

    Organic results can also be affected by distance - even if we aren`t looking at that map thing. Even without the "near me" or typing in a town name - Google is going to home in on the location - by what it knows about you or simply looking at your IP address and knowing that you`re likely somewhere in a one or two town radius from the location of that IP. So if I search for "restaurants" - I don`t even need to type "near me" - it`s going to show things in the area. (After all, if I`m in New York, it would be silly for Google to start showing me a bunch of restaurants in LA). SEO still plays a big role here, but your restaurant in NY is never going to show up in search for someone two states away.

    Some businesses have larger service areas than one might expect. For example, a few months back we had a contractor in Dallas who had one of his employees working out of Fort Worth. The guy would come into the shop once a week to get what he needed, but for the most part the guy just stayed near home and worked the area. Based upon the location of his business, though, their web site wasn`t getting many leads from Fort Worth because it seemed to far away for them to be able to service it. So, we went into their GMB listing and defined the service area to include all of Dallas and Fort Worth. We also did things on the site to verify this by saying things like "We`re located in Dallas with Contractors based in Ft. Worth."

    Nowadays, there`s really no need for those 100 "My Service in This Town" and "My Service In Another Town" pages. (Thank God).
  • Tim Capper: Look at producing / incorporating other local landmarks, businesses into your site.


    Car wash - you could list local coffee shop, hairdressers / barbers - things they can do whilst waiting for their car to be finished.

    Florist - other shops that would add benefit, gift shops, card shop etc.

    This helps to give Gbot a better and wider understanding of your business within the community
  • Jason Chong: It is best to list them simply by name. Or should one include their address or a link to their website?

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