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June Google core update

Are anyone noticing change in traffic after June Google core update? (seems it`s still rolling out)
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  • Nick Filandrianos: Yes, I’m noticing erratic rank changes on a few of my sites, going from rank 2-4 to totally disappearing in serps and then reappearing
  • Tim Capper: Very irratic on some sites, but seems to be stabilising now
  • Nazmun Nahar: We also lost 28% of our Google traffic at this date
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Keep in mind that at least some of the stuff happening in this update is likely going to keep certain terms fluctuating all the time - especially for local businesses and other areas where they have good Frame Semantic data. An easy one to visualize is for restaurants. So I`ll use that.

    In other group today someone was saying that it was wildly different for their (undisclosed) local business between mobile and desktop. Since I didn`t know the specific niche, I used restaurants.

    With this update, there are new factors likely involved which know certain things about certain types of terms. If I`m at my desktop computer, I`m most likely either home or at work. If I search for "restaurants" I may not want one then, I`m probably going to want one later - for lunch, for dinner, maybe even for the weekend.

    If I`m on my phone, though - and I run the same search, I`m much more likely to be wanting something to eat now, and close to me. So the results will change based upon that assumption.

    To carry that further... if it`s 6am and I`m looking for restaurants, I`m probably looking for "breakfast" or at least looking for something that is "open" now. If it`s noon, I`m looking for lunch, and so on. The results are going to reflect that to some extent.

    There are lots of niches and industries where the same search term will have different intents based upon where and when it`s being searched for. And so long as the where and the when keep changing, so shall the results.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: And as far as traffic being down as a whole - that`s another part of this update. Most of the sites complaining are sites which (maybe by choice or by the nature of their industry) tend to make claims that are not easily corroborated and verified. There`s a whole different understanding to have there - and a whole different way of tackling it.

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