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SSL certificate installed but browsers still say it`s unsecure

I have an ssl certificate but the web browsers still say my site is unsecure. how do I get it to be secured? if I type in https and my domain it comes up as secure. if I just type my domain name it is unsecure. help please

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  • Stephen McConville: You need to setup a redirect from the http to https to force all traffic to secure
  • Jason Knott: ok how do I do that.....lol
  • Stephen McConville: I can`t explain it in a Facebook post mate. How it`s done depends on what software your site is built with etc... It`s better to find someone to pay to do it
  • Daniel Fonda: Considering you probably dont have development knowledge Id say your best bet is to use really simple ssl plugin and follow instructions.
    (Gonna also asume you use WP)
  • Jason Knott: I use xara web designer...if there is code to imbed I can do that. I would just need to know what that code is.. I will look up a ssl plugin.....thanks
  • Daniel Fonda: Ok so it`s probably a static html website. Where are you hosting your website?
  • Jason Knott: through directnic
  • Daniel Fonda: Ok an ssl certificate is something that you set up on your server and you handle the forced redirect via configuration on your server (aka it`s not a code snippet that you just place).
    I recommend getting in touch with Directnic support staff, I`m pretty sure they`d be happy to set it up for you.
  • Jason Knott: I did....they told me to look up how to put https on a website
  • Daniel Fonda: oh wow...
  • Michael Martinez: What kind of hosting plan do you have (with Directnic)? I or someone else may able to post some directions for you here, or point you to a link that explains how to do it.
  • Jason Knott: pro hosting plan.....is all I know........ feeling really dumb here .. this shouldn`t be so hard I wouldn`t think
  • Michael Martinez: You should have access to a Cpanel (control panel) dashboard for your hosting.

    There should be a file manager app somewhere in your dashboard that allows you to log into the hosting account`s server files. You`ll have to enable "Show Hidden Files" und
  • Jason Knott: I couldn`t find a htacces file......but I did find a redirect tab......could I do a permanent 301 redirect?......
  • Jason Knott: ok I just did that and it works.....yay......thanks for all the help.....I might not be as dumb as I feel....lol
  • Michael Martinez: Good. I could have told you how to create an ".htaccess" file but it`s probably better you stick to the dashboard tools as long as they work for you. Being an old command line guy, I have never used that Redirect tool in Cpanel. Should have thought of it, though.
  • Дмитрий Штанько: Your cash shout down in

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