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Need an action plan on this local map pack scenario

Hi SEO pros.. Need an action plan on this local map pack scenario.

I have new client who wants my help with ranking in the Google map pack.... He stated that... They were in the top 3 and just last month their GMB lisiting was suspended (they used a virtual address) I know a dumb move specially when Google has been working on cleaning up the maps as shared my Tim Capper however they removed their address and submitted the listing for review and it was reinstated by Google but they lost the map pack rankings and also all their reviews were deleted. They waited for a month to see if it ranks back but nothing happened. So, they sent emails to clients to leave reviews and got a few reviews but still not ranking. I checked on their citation score and it was above 80% on Moz and also on Yext scan. All info is perfect on the GMB lisiting as in images, posts, info., category etc. They do appear in the map on position 8 for the search term but that money pack spot is gone. So, at this stage I am a little stumped on what the strategy should be to get them back in the map pack.

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  • Ric Rodriguez: I’d try building citations from the local area.

    Not the ‘en masse’ stuff from a tool or a supplier sat 100s of miles away, but as a company / consultant, genuinely connect with businesses / communities in the local area and build mentions and links that way.

    Best of luck with this situation.
  • Andrew Simpson: Do some comp analysis and perhaps use Local Falcon to see if you do rank for related terms...it might not all be bad news
  • Jobin John: Thanks, will do.
  • Tim Capper: So - they are now listed as a SAB where before they were local ?

    + they are using the same virtual office address - but as SAB ?

    Have you updated structured data to include geoMidpoint and radius ?
  • Jobin John: Ahhh... Ok that does make sense... So, when I login into their GMB, I do not see an address just the city and state. Not updated structured data but doing it right now, thanks for this, anything else would be greatly appreciated.

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