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Disallowing Images

Hi, when I did a site: mysite.com search on Google, there are a bunch of pages that just show inidividual images and all of these URL`s appear to be structured like this (an example: about-page/270x232_logo3), etc. etc. I have a bunch of these pages showing up, which just shows an image/logo. can I disallow all of these pages on my robots.txt? How do I get rid of these pages?

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  • Lisa Brown: If WordPress with Yoast look under SEO > Search Appearance > Media.
  • Michael Martinez: It`s not worth the effort to try to prevent search engines from indexing those images. They won`t hurt your site`s performance in search.
  • Benj Arriola: So this is not about ranking images in image search. This is about a page in your site that has no content except an image. Most likely you are using Wordpress and whenever you add an image you set it to link to an image page. When adding images in Wordpress, choose the options to do not link to anything. Unless you really want the image to link out to some page.

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