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Article directory submissions

Hi, SEO gurus I need some help what are the best websites for article directory submissions?

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  • Anum Sharf: for back linking?
  • Horia Neagu: I think the phrasing you`re looking for is actually "more damage than good".
  • Anum Sharf: Ok so you are saying that strategy doesn`t works anymore
  • Дмитрий Штанько: If your a have own site without traffic or ranking - link from this site - can up your word in google or bing
  • Horia Neagu: Absolutely! Instead focus on building quality links! Ask key questions like "does this link help my website?" or "is this link relevant to my content?" or "do these metrics (DA, URL rank, rankings data) look valuable to me?"
  • Horia Neagu: , directory submissions are not worth the effort. I`m not talking about links, but strictly directory submissions.
  • Horia Neagu: , you can also use Moz`s link intersect tool, to spy on the backlinks your competitors receive.
  • Anum Sharf: Ok will try that
  • Anum Sharf: most of the link building these days is related to guest posting
  • Дмитрий Штанько: get ready to poke 180 dollars from the card when registering in the tools moz)))
  • Horia Neagu: Please don`t waste your time with directory submissions! Unless you`re a time traveler from 1999, of course.
  • Brian Manon: Are we back in 1998? Asking for a friend
  • Stuart Dixon: Although directories offer limited worth, I have proved that they do help with overall rankings. Direct message me if you want a list
  • Kenneth Dieryck: PMed you
  • Stuart Dixon: Will send asap
  • Anum Sharf: Are you all saying article submissions is no longer effective?
  • Дмитрий Штанько: Write me in masseger
  • Joanna Jana Laznicka: As an owner to several online publications the last thing we care to see is someone who is sending us an article from someone who is obviously only wanting to write somthing yo get a backlink. Right now I am getting the same email word from word who all claim they went to the same university all claiming to being a different person looking to submit articles. It is so pathetic it is actually laughable and just shows the low cost SEO backlink companies work.
  • Jobin John: Article directory submissions are dead... They are worth nothing. If you really want to grow in the SERPs with link building then use strategies like the ones mentioned here
  • Chris Court: nice article
  • Khalid Irfan: Try natural outreach campaign, ninjaoutreach can help you here.
  • Benj Arriola: Article directory submissions are so dead that some of the article directories have already disappeared because they themselves know it’s dead.
  • Tim Capper: OMG do these still exist

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