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Significant visibility drops

A lot of news publishers in the UK are suffering significant visibility drops, none seem to have made any significant technical changes. Could it be a possible algorithm update regarding fake news?! Any thoughts/comments would be really appreciated! Thanks

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  • Grace Kindred: Thanks, that`s really interesting! Was that globally or just in the UK?
  • Harry Strick: Globally, some clients in the US, some in India (not in English) it seems to be sites that pump out a lot of content
  • George G.: there are constant algo updates. the only way to know what happened is to analyze the serp for the queries and see what went up and what went down and adjust from there.
  • Grace Kindred: Thanks for your comment. I`ve been looking into it but struggling to find any strong patterns in the content areas where URLs are gaining/losing. It`s making me feel like this 🤯!!!
  • George G.: you also got to look at the link profiles, fresh algo, schema etc. go on fiver and get a cora report for the search you want to check. here is a good one

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