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I found some changes in GSC

recently i find some change in GSC
a lot of pages have been excluded,

The important change is :
Discovered - currently not indexed page has been rising
Crawled - currently not indexed pages down a little
what is the reason?

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I see YouTube error message
I see static
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Perry Bernard: Has your site increased number of URLs, especially those with light content lately?
  • Vinson Chan: the url that Discovered - currently not indexed exsit all the time,recently my site increased some URLs ,which is no related to the excluded url,
  • Michael Martinez: Check to see if they are feed and comment pages, or redirects. I have found a lot of these excluded pages are incidental URLs of little or no value.
  • Vinson Chan: no, they are product page, the one of main page on my site
  • Michael Martinez: Use the URL inspection tool to see if GSC explains why they are excluded.

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