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Checklist to make sure everything is OK

Hi there,

I just updated my WordPress website to 5.0 built on Avada theme which supports Wordpress 5.0 what shall I do now? Any checklist that I’ve to perform on my website to make sure everything is OK? Do I need to update all of my pages with gutenberg editor? I’m not sure where to start. It’d be great if anyone can help.


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  • Rebecca Gill: I would definitely do a spot check of existing content and attempt a test of adding new content. All edits will be made with the new Gutenberg editor unless you install a plugin like that one here:
  • Zawar Kamal: Avada themes comes with it`s own editor called Fusion builder * I like it very much. Can I continue to use that or do I have to switch to class or gutenberg editor?
  • Rebecca Gill: I would send that question to the theme developer. I’m sure they have options, since the user base if that theme is so large.

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