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Organic traffic is better than Adwords traffic

Few questions. We recently Migrated a website to a new ecommerce platform. The old website was on Network Solutions. Long story short website has been active for just over a month. I have noticed a 115% gain in organic traffic while my Google adwords traffic has decreased about 80%. Granted this was coming off a website with almost no SEO. Sales are seeing a slight increase as well as better SERP`s. Any insight into how I can better understand if the website is tracking correctly. No sense in paying for ads if there not driving sales.

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  • Perry Bernard: Complex question. Would require a full audit of both your organic and paid and also conversion pathway and analytics.
  • Dave Elliott: As perry says would need a full audit. That said if you are using a very standard Google analytics account and a Google ppc account I`d need to find a decent reason to not trust it. Google aren`t in the business of under reporting AdWords clicks.
  • Perry Bernard: Just about the statement about not using ads if not driving sales: you need to be 100% sure you have checked attribution models and can verify the lack of conversion value (or contribution) from ads before turning off. Typically, if ads are not working for you then either (or both) your paid keywords are not right, or your conversion pathway is not right. Statistically, if you drive enough prime paid traffic and your conversion pathway works then some % of conversion will surely occur.
  • Tony McCreath: If your PPC traffic dropped, but you`re still sending the same amount of traffic via PPC, then somethings up. I`d cross check if the numbers in AdWords matches the numbers in Analytics. Also, cross check Google Search Console click numbers to see if they are similar to your Organic Traffic numbers.
  • Benj Arriola: Just a few things to check:

    Is your GMP/Google Ads linked to your GA property?

    Did you enable auto-tagging where the gclid or dclid parameters are passed in the URL when the ads are clicked?

    And lastly... double check those Landing Pages when viewing it in the individual channels. If there seems to be some paid search URLs getting in there... then you might want to adjust those channel grouping settings.

    A common problem sometimes is the source and medium parameters are interchanged and they may not valid values to consider them as paid search.

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