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Google My Business - Multi-location service-based business

Google My Business question for a multi-location service-based business (that doesn`t have physical locations).

I am working with a client who owns a driving school. There are 32 franchises in the same region of the state. Each franchise has its own service area, phone number, and contact information. The tricky thing is, they teach the classes either online or at local high schools, so the actual addresses are usually PO Boxes and there aren`t any physical offices.

They are trying to straighten out their Google Listings. They have 15 or so GMBs already either claimed or unclaimed. Some have the incorrect street addresses, some have service areas, etc.

I am planning to manually create or clean up each one, marking them as serving the city they are in. I`m wondering if there is an easier way to do this since this isn`t a regular franchise or multi-location type of situation. The same user will be the owner of each listing... Is there any way to speed up the process of claiming & optimizing?

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  • Scott Clark: "Brands, organizations, artists, and other online-only businesses aren`t eligible for Google My Business listings"
  • Benj Arriola: The best you can probably do is to tell the client to not use PO Boxes but look for various virtual office services. There are several out there. They are actual offices you can even use for meetings and stuff. But you may need to schedule and book the times since different business sometime rent the same virtual office building.

    As for multiple submission services, you can look into Moz, Brightlocal, Yext and you can probably google search the rest.
  • Tim Capper: You can list them as service area businesses (which they are) but you would need to use the franchisees home addess to verify the listing.

    Also you may want to create them under a brand bulk management account

    Then once verified allow each franchisee manager access to manage listing - Google posts etc etc
  • Cassy Richardson: thank you!

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