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Should we use Chrome for making backlinks?

Hi, Should we use Chrome for making backlinks? As Google can track our history etc.

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  • Alan Bleiweiss: The only reason to be worried whether Google can see the links you create, is if you are intentionally looking to get links that violate their guidelines. In reality, they will find those links no matter how you try to hide from them. And they will all be factored in how Google ranks the site they link to, in their algorithms.
  • Roger Montti: Chrome data is used in aggregate.
  • Jason Duke: The eternal SEO answer applies here... "It depends" :) I say that as "it depends" on what you mean by "making back links" Listen.... if you go and spam a blog or Wikipedia or something along those lines while logged into Google, while using Chrome, as you juggle your email, and ordering some links then the answer is a clear outright NO! Not because i believe Google will use that against you if they look at the logs, but because it won`t work nowadays.... unless you do it at ridiculous scale..... and if you did then you wouldn`t be using Chrome directly. Let`s get a few facts out there right away. Google are a public company and depending on how the markets are looking at any particular point in time, are one of the largest in the world.... They are looked upon by every regulatory body in the world with extreme detail and focus. One of the most heavily focused is data privacy. Google have said, on many occasions and in almost all legal docs, they will never use YOUR data ;other than (as Roger said above) in aggregate. I believe them! So.... If you are asking will Google use what you do in Chrome against you? Then yes, I believe they will, but they won`t use it against you personally, they`ll use it to nail you and everyone else doing similar.... That`s the game we play but remember.... Just because you`re paranoid doesn`t mean they are NOT out to get you :)

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