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Adding a blog negatively impacted my search results

Adding a blog negatively impacted my search results. Should I now remove the blog from my site?

I`m located in Collierville TN. It is a suburb of Memphis TN. A couple months ago I launched a website to rank for "collierville SEO". There is very little search volume(under 10 searches a month) for this, but I`m offering SEO services in the area. It would be nice to have a prospect see me at the top of the results.

My GMB hit the snack-pack in a couple days. I didn`t see any kind of "sandbox" in my area. I`m now going after ranking my website pages in Organic Search.

A couple weeks ago on 12/29/17 I added a blog to the site under "Learn Local SEO" in my main menu. I started publishing blog post on the topic of Local SEO.

Within a few days of publishing my first blog post, the "Collierville SEO" page I had sitting on results page 3 or 4 https://www.dropthestrap.com/collierville-local-seo-services/ dropped and https://www.dropthestrap.com/blog/ took it`s place in the search results.

I see this as a negative, do you agree? Shouldn`t I want a website page(or the home page) rank above my Blog page?

What do i do next?  

The three options I see from here:

1. Get rid of the Blog. Instead of posting blog post. I have a "Learn Local SEO" page. It will continue to grow as I add video and text content to it. Instead of blog post I`ll just add to this ever growing page. This would mean, I remove the blog from my site. Keep the "Learn Local SEO" menu tab, but link to this growing page of content when I create a YouTube video or write up a quick lesson.

2. Stay the course. Continue to post blog content and link to my homepage and/or my /collierville-local-seo-services/ page in the blog?

3. I have it all wrong and I need Dumb SEO Questions to tell me what to do next.

Thank you in advance for any and all replies.

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