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How to find google penalty? how to recover it?

how to find google penalty?? how to recover it??
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  • Aneeza Sehrish: Check your serps. Check if the keywords have lost the rank. After that look for recent links to ur aite check thier health and disaow them.
  • Nilesh Aasare: yes the keywords lost their total rank even after doing 2 month backlinks its not finding in serp
  • Aneeza Sehrish: Ok have you checked whic links showed up recently in google webmaster?
  • Nilesh Aasare: the site goes down 2 months before.. what links are showing in WM are recent..
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Was the loss something that happened all on one day or over a long decline? If the majority of loss was all on one day, it was either a penalty or a major algorithm update that changed how Google perceives the site. If so, search for "x date" plus "Google update" to see if others reported major losses on that date. Whatever the cause, Google has not specified what any update has specifically been about in a long time, so it would most likely be very difficult to pin to any cause without a proper audit.
  • Jenny Halasz: Try the Panguin Tool. It`s great for aligning dates to see if there might be something in play. https://barracuda.digital/panguin-seo-tool/

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