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Should I no-index "About us", "Contact us"... such pages?

Should I noindex "About us", "Contact us"... such pages? Since it`s linked from all pages of website they gain some internal link juice which really isn`t needed for them
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  • Alan Bleiweiss: Noooo! They are critical pages people expect to find and belong in main site navigation, so they need to be indexed. Just one scenario : people searching for "contact ______".
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Getting lost thinking about "link juice" is very dangerous. Think about human needs.
  • Richard Hearne: Not to mention that some of the information on these pages may be used by quality algorithms, and removing these from the index may harm how Google perceives your site from a quality perspective. What`s up with this latest fad of people thinking that they should NOINDEX utility pages?
  • Adam John Humphreys: Lol let them index unless they are spammy pages with the same content across the entire web.
  • Bill Slawski: Make those pages ones that build your brand, and show off expertise and experience, and show that you are receptive to talking with potential customers. There is potential value in having those be pages that people find interesting. An about us page is your chance to tell stories about your business that you want people to know, and to build a positive impression. That could start visitors on a journey to becoming lifetime customers of yours. A contact page is your chance to engage in a conversation with your customers. Impress upon them that you are interested in talking to them and answering any questions that they might have. Think of visitors coming to your contact page as people who have an interest in buying something from you. You don`t really want those people not to be able to contact you or learn more about you.
  • Dawn Anderson: These pages have the potential to also rank with your brand pages / home page so build them up and be proud of them
  • Dawn Anderson: Also, incidentally some audiences are mad for about us pages (e.g. German market). They want to know who they`re dealing with
  • Tony McCreath: They are also good for sitelinks. For shopping sites you also want to make sure Google can see shipping, returns and privacy pages. Good trust signals.

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