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My problem is that my funnel is like a sieve

Some people have issues getting traffic to their website. I don`t have that problem. I actually get lots of traffic to my site. Sometimes thousands of visitors a day. My problem is that my funnel is like a sieve. No matter what I do, I can`t get any inquiries, let alone sales. Wondering if anyone knowledgeable in these things can take a look at my site and give me a bit of advice, point me in the right direction?
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Josh Levenson: Are you getting traffic from high intent keywords?

  • Daniel Granovetter: Josh Levenson Not so much from keywords. Mostly from Facebook. I share posts on Facebook, and get a few hundred visitors from each share. On a good day over a thousand. It`s an entertainment site where users can create their own content. When a visitor comes to the site, I hope one out of three things will happen:

    1) The visitor will decide to open an account and create content2) The visitor will see the ad for my web design service, and click the link to make an inquiry 3) The visitor will decide to buy an ad on My site

    But none of those three things ever happen, despite the steady traffic. People visit the site, enjoy themselves and leave.

  • Josh Levenson: This ain`t really an SEO question. We`d need to know more info. First immediate guess is that you`ve got competing CTAs and it`s unclear what users are supposed to do.

  • Ben Adler: Daniel Granovetter it seems like you aren`t targetting the right people. Why would people on an entertainment site be interested in web design services?

  • Michael Martinez: Daniel Granovetter Few people actually create Websites. Of those, the majority do it themselves. So trawling for leads through general entertainment content is very inefficient.

  • Juan Dalisay Jr.: Daniel Granovetter maybe you didn`t realize that Facebook already lets people make their own content for free and make ads. Them accessing your share is them viewing content or viewing an ad by you

  • Daniel Granovetter: Ben Adler What would they be interested instead?

  • Reko Mäkelä: It looks like you have that problem too. You are not getting the right traffic to your website.

  • Ash Nallawalla: I have no way of knowing, but there won`t be many people wanting web design services in that entertainment themed audience. If you posted in a small business group, there will be more people who have not yet built a site and be more receptive to your ad.

  • Rienzi Mosqueda: Definitely not targeting the right traffic segment. Or you are not optimizing your UX for the kind of traffic you are generating.

  • Ammon Johns: Getting traffic has always been a cinch. Any fool can get traffic. Just lie about what`s on the other side of a link offering something irresistible. Traffic is that easy. Google, Facebook, and a billion other sites will all happily sell you all the traffic you can take if you can pay them for it. Getting *targeted* traffic that will convert in some valuable way is the hard bit.

    So, if you have traffic, the first step is to know who they are, what they want, and work out a way to sell it to them at a price they are willing to pay.

    Remember, even companies that sell you access to their traffic make it valuable by letting you target exactly who you need to. Their value is not in the traffic, but in knowing so much detail about their users that they can match them to any demand.

  • Caroline Mullan Adams: Why not find an affiliate product to sell them in the entertainment niche?

  • Caroline Mullan Adams: Clean your site up with one CTA

  • Gary Welch: Consider that each page should make a clear "offer". Such as call now for information, or click this link for more info, or fill out this form for a price quote. It`s important to tell people what you want them to do and how to do it. Make a clear offer of some kind on each page, even if it`s just a link to more information.

  • Christine Hansen: As a web design service, what is your hook? What is it that you do much better than any other well-established CMS or agency already does? What sets you aside? Who are your customers? What monster cool skills do you have? If a customer can`t see that right off the bat, you will have no customers. Can you beat Wix on all parameters? If not, then perhaps you should refrain from doing website work and leverage your entertainment site instead. Work on your 1+3 from your list. Eg more account members (B2C) and more companies buying ads (B2B) and perhaps find other possibilities on how to make money from your entertainment site that correlates with the entertainment that you offer. If you still want to do website work, then find a specific niche within website design and go all-in on that. Buy the domain - describe what you can do and what you offer. Make that hook.


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