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Is it good to come up with my own keywords?

Question about Keyword research, is it good to come up with my own Keyword and write an article about it, I have noticed that my majority of the keywords shown in the tools have been already taken by big sites, so am thinking about coming with keywords which I think are relevant but they are not shown by the keyword research tools, How do you guys actually come up with very low competition keywords rather than those showing in Ahrefs and in the actual sense they are already taken up by stronger websites?
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  • Gaurav Singh: Oliver Harrison Why dont u just focus on -1-2 big keywords in seo and then upsell other services, rather than focusing on smaller keyword?

  • Oliver Harrison: Gaurav Singh I don`t have the resources to rank for big keywords, the site will never rank without investing thousands of dollars in backlinks

  • Gaurav Singh: Oliver Harrison what`s the website and keyword?

  • Ben Adler: You can`t come up with your own keywords. Keywords are search terms that people are using in search engines. If nobody is searching for a particular topic, then you won`t get found in search engines. However, you could write about particular topics and promote them through your email list and social media.

  • Shubham Rai: Long tail keywords

  • Aamir Hussain: If those keywords are showing in Ahref or Keyword Planner and having zero search volume then you can go with those keywords.

    All tools give us only estimate data and keywords having zero search volume that`s mean People are searching about those keywords but tools don`t have enough data to show thier search volume but in future Google Keyword Planner will update thier data and will provide search volume then if you use those keywords already then you will definatley take benefit.

    But you have to build topical authority and have to use combination of high search + low search + zero search volume keywords to make more relevancy in your content. I hope you got point.

    It`s time of modern keyword research. You can`t take much benefits from traditional keyword research as other taken before 2020

  • Michael Martinez: If you are a "news maker", in the sense that what you write is authoritative enough that people will take notice and report on what you say (even if only informally, not necessarily through mainstream media), then you can "make up your own keywords (queries)".

    Otherwise, don`t be intimidated by bigger, larger Websites. If you have something to useful, interesting, and helpful to say about a saturated topic, do it. It`s not like you have to rank 1st for every query in order to build traffic.

    You can earn a lot of traffic with lower-ranking content.


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