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How important are CWVs for SEO, really?

How important are CWVs for SEO, really??

note: CWV = Core Web Vitals

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  • Michał Borzyszkowski: If you go for top 3 on difficult keyword - important. Otherwise not that important IF your site works fast for a user AND you can offset lack of CWV with somethig else that competition doesn`t have.

    The rule of thumb is: you dont know what competition has so you do everything you can on your site.

    CWV is not that hard to optimise if you know what you`re doing (server has almost nothing to do with it - if you have decent server, its all about CSS and resources priority).

  • David Gossage: The way I look at it:

    Years ago, Google announced the mobile friendly update and everyone panicked. Then the update rolled out and no-one noticed any difference. Years later, non-mobile sites have completely disappeared from SERPs.

    The same story happened with HTTPS. No-one noticed the difference at first but non-secure sites are now very rare in SERPs.

    Currently, CWVs aren`t having huge impact. However, I wouldn`t be surprised if that changes over the next couple of years

  • Stockbridge Truslow: To quote Danny Sullivan: "Sort of a tie breaker, at best" - or something very close to that anyway.

  • Jenni Brown: There`s a tool where you enter a keyword and it shows the top sites that rank for it plus their CWV scores. We`ve run hundreds of keywords through it in lots of different niches for all kinds of difficulty levels and yet to find any results that correlate rankings and scores, or rankings and actual page speed (as you`d expect).

  • Mike Metcalf: Thanks so much for your replies everyone!! Much appreciated

  • Ammon Johns: Stuff like CWV and PageSpeed tend to be scaling in terms of importance, i.e. if your scores are really bad, then even a small improvement can be a significant factor, but once you are anywhere in the top 50% of sites, even a pretty significant improvement won`t have much effect except in tie-breaking.


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