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How much does basic SSL affect your google rank?

Just a question. I’m with BigCommerce and they offer basic SSL how much does basic SSL with BC affect your google rank compared to an upgraded SSL I have just recently had a paid plan for the last year which is expired, which to my understanding shows the tick of approval when ppl web search.
I currently have items that are on page 1-10.
Are my google ratings going to decrease if I don’t upgrade to the tick of approval thing with SSL or stick with basic BC SSL?
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  • Jim Munro: I`m fairly certain that googlebot could not care less about the type of ssl cert but your online customers care abut the green bar and might not look as favourably at a non-EV certificate.

  • Caroline Mullan Adams: I agree it would affect your conversions

  • Michał Borzyszkowski: Google doesnt care about certificate. So no ranking boost for having better one.

    Few years ago Google said they dont even check if there is a SSL Certificate only if it works on HTTPS adress. I dont think it changed.But without one youll have security warnings in browsers and users would exit the page so you are forced to use at least the basic one. And thats how you/Google optimize its system. No need to use system power to check certificate.

  • Stockbridge Truslow: I read something a year or two ago which I can`t find right now. Basically, they don`t care EXCEPT in situations where you are asking for more sensitive information on a site like bank info or SSN for financial sites and so on. That said, I never could figure out how they would determine that (form label analysis? I dunno) so it probably isn`t a huge deal. But it is a good rule of thumb - the more private and personal the information you`re collecting, the stronger the security should be.

    NOTE: eCommerce sites that are using standard major payment gateways don`t have to worry about it. The gateways (like ize Net for example) collect the payment info and other things directly on their servers and it never touches yours - so it`s their security certificate and features that are in play during that type of transaction. So... if you have just basic eCommerce through a reputable gateway - this doesn`t matter.


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