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Medium competent keywords

I am currently using Google Keyword Planner, and search a specific keyword. Is it ok to target medium competent keywords to add in my page? or it would be hard to make it successful?

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  • Elrey Resultan: I am currently using Google Keyword Planner, and search a specific keyword. Is it ok to target medium competent keywords to add in my page? or it would be hard to make it successful?
  • Michelle Dear: Depends. Have you done a competitor keyword analysis? Are you targeting the same keywords as them? ;
  • Elrey Resultan: I haven't tried a competitor analysis. So, by it means I must prevent to use keywords use by competitor or should I use it also to compete with them?
  • Michelle Dear: No. You want to find out what your competitors are using first. There's no way for us to be able to generally state that short or long-tail keywords will work for you. It's all contextual based upon your site.

    For example, the short keyword "hotel", in the Philippines may work. I have no idea, because I'm in the states. And I don't know what your trying to use for long-tail. Also, I don't know who your main competitors are, and where they are ranking. ;

    When you do keyword analysis in Google Adwords, what kind of results are you getting that tool? ;
  • Elrey Resultan:  ; There is a specific page that I only have access like the list of hotels.

    Like (Homepage > Hotel tab> Baguio page> 1896 Bed & Breakfast page).

    Which is in first list of

    I copied the word "1896 Bed & Breakfast" and pasted it on the input box of Keyword Planner.

    I get the Keyword Ideas Tab List with like:

    bed and breakfast
    b&b hotel
    1896 bed and breakfast baguio

    How can I put it on my content?
  • Michelle Dear: Edit: Please see my next comment regarding the page and your keywords.

    You mean how do you modify the meta descriptions in the HTML? You need access to the HTML files, you need to back them up, then you can modify the keywords.

    So like, right now, you have

    <meta name="keywords" content="" />

    so you can change that to include your long tails. ;

    Your meta description is:
    <meta name="description" content="One of the most known city in the Philippines. Book now and find hotels for your vacation in Baguio City." /> ;

    You can change that if you want.

    Again though, I'd still start with a site map and documentation so that you know what you've changed, etc. Documentation is key.
  • Michelle Dear: Oh. I just realized. That page shows for all of the hotels--not just the B&B. So you can't modify just for that hotel. Your site isn't serving up an individual page for each hotel for that city.

    You will need to choose keywords for that specific location--not for the type of hotel in that location.
  • Elrey Resultan: How can I optimize a hotel page? ;

    For example the hotel name is "The Langham, Chicago".

    and if the search volume for "langham chicago" is high.

    Should I use the keyword "langham chicago" many times in Title Tag, Meta Tags, Body, header and footer,  ;URL and anchor text.

    For if users type in the search box "langhan chicago", It will have my page shown in SERP?

    edit: Is it ok to put may long content with keywords in the footer area?
  • Michelle Dear: Okay. So, in the first page you gave me, it listed all the hotels. That one you want to optimize for the location.

    Now, we're going to the actual hotel page. For example, We'll look at the Bed and Breakfast, because I can't find that one you mentioned. ;

    Okay, so your meta kewords are blank:

    <meta name="keywords" content="" />

    You can change these.

    Your desscription is:
    <meta name="description" content="Check out special offer of 1896 Bed & Breakfast in Baguio City and discounted rates here at PhilBooking." />

    If that's sufficient, then leave that be. Check your character count on that.

    As for your question, no,  ;you don't want to use your keywords over and over. It's going to be difficult because your URL is

    When clicking on the hotel for more information on it. But I don't know how your site is designed. You'll have to check with your web developer. I'm sure there's a very good reason--it's probably pulling data from a database regarding current costs and doing calculations on the fly, so it can't have a static URL name.

    Really, you ought to start by reading the Moz Guide. We are here to answer questions, of course, but the guide will help you with these types of questions you are having, and help with the overall understanding of how to address meta tags, etc. ;

    Read the guide, and then come back and let us know what questions you have. ;

    And please do a site map and talk to the developer and find out how the site is put together. There are definitely pages that are dynamically created when selected. You need to get a firm understanding of the site design before you begin to work on the meta tags.
  • Elrey Resultan:  ;Thank You, I'll do what you've said. Thanks AGAIN!

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