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Larger snippet displays in the SERP

260 characters in this SERP page snippet. But we know that Google only allows 160 characters in the meta description. But now a days the rules are not maintained sometimes. One of my friend +K Neeraj Kayastha   told me yesterday that "*Google Search Results now pro-searcher not pro-SEO.*"
He is absolutely right.
I have found a logic why the larger snippet displays in the SERP. In this Image see at the top search query there are three keywords Post FREE Ads, Natun Bazar, Free Classified. All the results are below 160 characters except the last one with 260 characters. Why this snippet is larger. May be the logic is my search queries. You can see the description at the last snippet that there are all three keywords are showing. Google collected all the keywords for me i have searched from the page because she thoughts that this might be helpful for me, And the website is well optimized, most visited in Bangladesh so this comes to the SERP. I have visited the site and found that the meta description is totally different for the page. So Google collected the important text from the websites body that are matched with my queries and this is the reason for the snippet to become larger than others.
You can see that most of the top snippets also showing the keywords but all the keywords are between 160 characters so those snippets don`t need to be larger. 
May be i`m not 100% right. You can share different thought. Thank you. 
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