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301 redirects.

Hi everyone!
I`m in the process of doing  a 301 redirect.  I`ve already done the redirects from the old to the new homepage, and from section to section. As well, I’ll make the redirect of the 15 pages which have the most search traffic, from page A to B with the same content.
What is your recommendation for the rest of the urls (with little traffic), leave them to die or redirect them to the homepage. Sorry if my English is not quite good.
Curious to hear your thoughts! ;)?
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  • Thames Valley Discos: Hi All. I am looking at moving my site to another server and updating my website so that all my old pages that are .htm get 301 redirected to the equivalent page so pagename.htm goes to  ;/pagename/ ;
    I,m fine doing this in htaccess but my question:
    When i first launch the new site and delete old site map in WMT and update with new one, will Google not see two identical pages until it crawls my old .htm files to know they are redirected?  ;Do i need do anything else apart from redirect 301 and update sitemap?

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