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Which to use microformats, Open Graph, and/or schema.org.

Hello number one SEO community. Would you please express your views on microformats and schema.org. I face a kind of dillema which one to use. Can you think of any specific situations where one is better than the other. Thanks a lot for the comments.
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  • Louise Goldstein: Microformats are about providing structured data and schema is extended vocabulary. Schema is more extensive than microdata, it covers every type of data you can think of. Not all mark up currently results in rich snippets but in the future it could do.

    Schema helps to move the web more semantic as it links different types of data. E.g. if you mark up data from a movie and you mark up the actors in the movie, search engines can  start show you results for other movies the actors star in.

    I would use schema where possible as all the search engines use this and it is more comprehensive. 
  • Mateusz Kitka: Google prefers schema.org for sure. You can see it in GWT where new features heve been added to Data Highlihter that is based on schema vocabulary. Schema is the fastest developing voc in my opinion.

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