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How to build an SEO campaign for local events

Looking for any advice on building a hyper local seo campaign for a 2 week old domain. 
I have had experience running large scale SEO campaigns for mid sized brands but I have reservations doing any SEO work for such a new domain.

Any suggestions?

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  • Tim Capper:

    You don`t say what business it is so hard to give you ideas.

    For local SEO, make sure business address is in footer linked to google places url.

    Ot link it to the google+ business page that you should have set up and included the address, this then becomes your Google+ local page.

    Connect with rel=publisher.

    That will get you showing up in Local search.

    If you want to take it further :

    There must be 3 or 4 local business directories, make sure address is listed exaclty the same as on site.

    Contact local newspaper for some column inches.

    Sponsor local football team for a link on their site.

    The local council might even have a business listing - that is a gov link.

    Local or regional chamber of commerce.

    That will be more then enough to get you going in local search.

    For on going visibility :

    Use the onsite blog to provide local info - events, news, tips, etc

  • Tim Capper:

    You could add a million pages to a new site.

    As long as they are Fresh relevant and original.

    You only need to worry if they are thin, duplicated or spammy

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