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What should webmasters be doing in the next 12 months?

Recently someone asked me what do you think web masters should be doing in seo in the next 12 months. I said ensuring their site was mobile friendly, making sure they had Google Authorship set up and using schema to mark up the data on their website. Do you agree? What will you be doing in seo in the next 12 months?
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  • Dewaldt Huysamen:  I agree, I will also be looking at any site`s backlink profile, and identify any potential bad links and remove these links.

    As for On Site I will also be focussing on internal linking and the site, and navigation structure.

    I will identify pages that are most important, by looking at which ones get the most visits and the longest time spent on the page.

    After identifying these pages I will see where I can combine other similar pages into these pages.

    I will also use Google`s Data Highlighter on my pages to ensure that schema data is being portrayed as it should.

    Also create Google+ profiles for any client and ensure they have a real person that will be linked to all content from the past and moving forward.

    Get this person active on Google+ and other social streams, in order to grow their influence on others and to make them an authority in their niche.

    I will also be using videos, and or pod casts where possible on a few articles per month at least.
  • Kate Toon: I agree +Louise Goldstein  as well as having a strong content strategy which includes a mix of article types, lengths and media. Also building real relationships with other websites that generate long-lasting links.

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