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Duplicate content and landing pages for every city?

I`m working with a business that wants more traffic from neighboring communities. He does well in his home city, but wants to add variations as city landing pages.

I can handle that, but worry about duplicate content, since what he`s wanting will essentially be the same page, re-targeted for City A, City B, and so forth.

At what point does duplicate content become a problem? What are the guidelines I should watch for?

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  • Dave Elliott:

    whenever you mention city a) you just add `and the surrounding areas of city b) and c) or you just make a page with an article/case study that involves a client from city b)

  • Bacchus Nysa:

    +  I understand that part, but what concerns me is that each of these is for a very specific procedure (it`s a physician`s web site), so even with those localized "twists, " there`s going to be a LOT of copy that`s identical. I`m wondering at what point that will set-off the flags? Unfortunately, do to the nature of this, and the fact that the wording is pretty strictly governed by the FDA and medical community, there aren`t many options for varying that a great deal from one city to the next.

  • Dave Elliott:

    if you are worried about duplicate content chuck it through something like copyscrape before putting it live.

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