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Do you still believe that Link Building is over?

I have a question regarding Link Building.

Do you still believe that Link Building is over, after the released of Google Penguin 2.0?

Why and why not? If you do, what Link Building techniques that you think very effective, both local and Global.? :)

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  • Rachel Morgan:

    I`m actually in the middle of conducting a link building interview with some of the leading link builders out there regarding this very same thing. The first one is with Jon Cooper from Point Blank SEO. You can check it out here: 

  • Kenneth Villegas SEO:

    I read Jason Asidre`s latest blog post regarding the "true value of link building in Post-Peguin Era".  Which is very interesting and insightful because he really provide good information that link building will always be valuable in SEO because it helps increase your ROI, especially if a website is trusted and relevant to your niche with high DA ( Domain Authority). 

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