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Page authority on-page SEO or more links?

Do you think page authority plays a roll if you`re competing with another website that has the same PR rank, same domain authority, and the same amount of quality backlinks? If so, do you think it would be better to build up your page authority with better on-page SEO or generate more links pointing to the page in question? 

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  • Volgens Kramer: Good question, I don`t know right now i`m testing with generate more links to a specific page. PA  is very difficult to influence but improve your overal SEO and focus on linkprofile is the best thing to do i.m.o.
  • James Cosgrove: Good question and I see this a lot. Is there much difference in Domain age? I would also look at social stats. I would work on both items mentioned and include some social work. Not sure if I would bet on one helping more than the other. 

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