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Which is more important: backlink quality? Domain authority or Page Authority?

Which is better, backlinks from: DA 20/PA30 or DA 50/PA10. Let`s assume content, relevance... are same.

Which is more important for backlink quality? Domain authority or Page Authority?

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  • Perry Moore: Neither they are inaccurate metrics for measuring quality. Also not enough info to answer your question imo
  • Steve Gerencser: Which is more likely to result in a visitor that clicks the link?
  • Alan Bleiweiss: It`s critical to understand that "DA" and "PA" are made up numbers based on a system reliant on inbound links that tool provider has identified, which is an ENTIRELY wild guess metric. First, that tool provider has among the LEAST amount of real world links in its system as compared to other tools. NONE of the tool providers have, see or know about which links exist that Google has access to. Second, NONE of those tool providers know which links Google completely ignores, which of them Google flags as harmful, and which Google gives ANY weight to, let alone what that weight is. Because of those reasons, DA and PA, among all the other tool provider metrics out there across different tools, is NOT accurate. Too often, somebody comes along and says "My site has a higher PA/DA than that site, so why am I not ranking as well for these range of phrases?" - and the answer lies in what I describe above. So unless and until you are willing to grasp that reality, and step AWAY from reliance on that metric, you`re not going to open your mind to understanding the OTHER range of factors that exist specific to audience relevance, topical focus page to page, section to section and site to site. Those are what matter. And if you are PAYING to have that link placed directly, have you weighed the risk that such tactics bring with them?

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