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SEO for theatre niche related website

Opinions, views, suggestions, please. Theatre niche related website - ie tickets, news, reviews, interviews. For the long-running shows, there are at times `special offers`, extended booking periods etc - in as much as if making a post out of them, there isn`t exactly a lot of unique content that hasn`t been posted about the show before. So, how best to circulate this `announcement` without it causing thin content across the website?

* Update show `page` with `announcement` and circulate via social media

* Create a new post (thin/duplicate) and circulate etc

* A `news` feed with updates (not sure how to do this)

* it seems to be an opportunity to utilise the website and not just social media)

* Any other suggestions?

Note - it would be virtually impossible to create meaningful unique content for every new booking period. Thanks for your input :)

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  • Emy Ahmad: how about making a Facebook event for each event you have? People will engage by interest or going ..etc and their friends will see that. it is good for outreach

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