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Keyword Density

Hey guys, I’ve been looking at a couple articles but they have different answers to this question, so I thought I’d ask you. If my keyword is ‘best fishing rod’. Is my keyword density affected by instances of ‘best’, ‘fishing’ and ‘rod’ by themselves? Thanks for your time.
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  • Dave Elliott: Keyword density isn`t a thing.
  • Adam John Humphreys: In my experience all situations are treated differently for those keywords. They will resolve your separate keywords if they can`t fix exact match unless your schema is structured in a way Google knows what your page is about. Page titles and headers can have variations of the keyword for best chance to capture that audience. Just don`t keyword stuff and make the content great. Make it relevant and useful to the best fishing rod. The main keyword should be on the page in exact match at least once and closer to the top when possible.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: yeah if I want to talk about this fishing rod being the best, then I want to talk naturally, with entheusiasm, about why I think it`s the best. I mean, I really enjoy fishing. Except it can be frustrating when I`m out on the lake, or trolling, hoping to catch the big one (I prefer marlin or even blue fin tuna), it`s frustrating to say the least if the rod isn`t up to the strains of that task. This rod though - OMG it`s a fishing trip dream come true! It really is the best, of all the rods I`ve used and tried over the years. Hell, it`s the best damned fishing rod ever created!
  • Alan Bleiweiss: See what I did there? I wrote naturally, with passion. That`s what matters. That`s how to win.
  • Adam John Humphreys: That`s what she said 😂
  • Alec Broomfield: Ok cheers guys 😀
  • Adam John Humphreys: Rob Woods did fishing charter SEO recently if you should need an expert at $250 an hour. Chances are you will find all you need in that time.
  • Rob Woods: FYI, if you think you just have the "best fishing rod" and you are trying to rank for that you likely aren`t going to. If you have an awesome in depth piece of content reviewing tons of rods and giving the best analysis on the web for what the best fishing rod actually is, you might have a shot.
  • Tim Capper: You should also be thinking about what the users are actually looking for. Now i know nothing about fishing but I am going to say that I dont think many people would search "best fishing rod" ... I think they would be searching for things like, "best fishing rod for .. fresh water, salt water, carp, bass, shark, tuna. then I guess there are different materials used ?, so this would then become, "best graphite fishing rod for shark fishing" What I am trying to get you to think about is what your customers are searching and provide the information they are searching for.
  • Ammon Johns: I`ll answer all 3 questions you put in that one. The first answer to the face-value question is "Yes". The systems that measure Keyword Density predate much thinking about phrase-based indexing, word-proximity metrics, etc, or indeed, much thinking at all. So if you were using some antiquated tool that measured keyword density as it was originally calculated, any use of the words affects the density. It also affects your LSI in both ways at once. On the one hand, using the words separately still affects the TF*IDF metric, but not putting them together affects the proximity scoring. The second far more important question is whether it matters, and there the answer is a clear and unequivocal "No", because both Keyword Density, and LSI, have absolutely NOTHING to do with how web search engines work. LSI was never a web search thing, Keyword Density was merely a term invented by SEO types to talk *about* how they`d used keyword without having to actually talk about *the* keywords they were using (and even then was useless in isolation from the other parts of the same system - Keyword Count and Keyword Prominence), The tooth fairy doesn`t really go around buying the teeth of children, Chocolate eggs are not laid by the Easter Bunny, and if on Christmas Eve a fat bearded man sneaks into your room while you are sleeping and empties his sack, he ain`t Santa - Call the police. And as for the third question, a fishing rod is never going to beat a net for trolling ... oops, trawling :D

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