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Duplicate content threshold

Hey, I read somewhere something about Duplicate content but I can`t find that number anywhere. I just analyzed my website with a free tool, and SiteLiner says I do have 15% of duplicate content. What`s the regular basis that you don`t have to "cross" in order not to get a penalty? Thanks!
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  • David Harry: .... there is no such thing as a duplicate content penalty. Now, there`s a few based on "thin content" but that tends to be when a large amount of the site is scraped content.
  • Adam John Humphreys: Duplicate content makes it confusing for Google to know what to index and as such the other content may be buried if indexed at all. We call this content canibalization. Google content cammibalization, and rel=canonical to maybe help you since I can`t see your exact problem
  • Tim Capper: Take a look at what that 15% constitutes - more then likely its the footer content, taglines, call to actions. Which is Okay
  • Alan Bleiweiss: In SPITE of there not being a "duplicate content penalty", the fact is that if you have TOO MUCH duplicate content, you run into MANY problems. In addition to what`s been stated above (all of these above are valid to consider), how precise is that tool`s "duplicate percentage threshold"? Often 3rd party tools are TOO SENSITIVE, and other times they`re NOT SENSITIVE ENOUGH. So it requires human manual checking, to see "Is there truly enough content unique to this specific page, to ensure this page has enough of its own value to be truly helpful to people who come here looking for information?" - that`s what matters most. Except even THAT is subject to opinion, and varies based on a range of considerations as well.
  • Neil Cheesman: I would like to turn this around and say that it is important to have UNIQUE content... as that will more likely (or easier) get ranked than duplicate content - yes reduce duplicate content if considered appropriate but also look at ways to increase unique content - a double-edged sword...
  • Syed Farhan Raza: I don`t think there is any penalty on duplicate content but it of course effect your ranking a lot both directly and indirectly. Forget that for a while. Do you think a well researched in-depth piece with hours of time investment would ever get duplicated? I don`t think so.

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