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"Matthew effect" in seo that is not mitigated to some extent?

Are there any examples of the "Matthew effect" in seo that is not mitigated to some extent? For example, sites rank better when they get more links, but they get more links when they rank better. I`m pretty sure the pageRank algo accounts for this in some way, but it didn`t necessarily have to. Is there an example of a similar effect where it is NOT mitigated?

Getting more reviews might be another example but is really similar concept to getting links, I`m looking for something more subtle.

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  • David Harry: http://www.e-marketing-news.co.uk/Oct04/RichLinking.html
  • David Harry: https://www.seroundtable.com/archives/001000.html
  • David Harry: that`s the original stuff (yup my old man memory is still working) - more recently; https://moz.com/blog/filthy-linking-rich-how-to-passively-attract-valuable-links
  • David Harry: as u can see, we were having that discussion back in 2004
  • David Harry: as for Google, some elements of their link velocity concepts (at least in patent filings) would mitigate that, to some degree

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