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I`ve been following DSQ suggestions but still no luck

My rankings are continuously going down... I have applied every suggestion i got in this group from my earlier post. But, still there is no sign of improvement. Please help!
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  • Kamlesh Drolia: my site address is https://www.mintsrecipes.com
  • Jim Munro: Hi Kamlesh Drolia. I am sorry to hear your site is still languishing. It`s a good-looking website. BTW - What percentage of your visitors would be visiting your site via 3G mobile?
  • Kamlesh Drolia: Nearly 80% coms from mobile
  • Jim Munro: https://gtmetrix.com/reports/www.mintsrecipes.com/exiarwuV Have a look at the way you are serving images. You can save more than 80% by serving scaled images.
  • Jim Munro: BTW - something weird going on. When I try to open http://www.mintsrecipes(dot)com/sitemap.xml I am redirected to https://www.mintsrecipes(dot)com/ When I try to access https://www.mintsrecipes.com/this_should_404 I get redirected back to https://www.mintsrecipes(dot)com/
  • George G.: fix your UX. on mobile half of the above the fold content is your logo and the rest is just a chunk of text. I`d make a small logo on the top, ideally a picture and the title. Also, have you seen the source code your page generates? Make sure all javascript is loaded after the content. And clean up that HTML, it is full of gibberish. Users dont see that but the bot sees it. You need a clean and well-structured HTML. And last but not least, fix your site structure, it is all over the place.
  • Kamlesh Drolia: https://www.mintsrecipes.com/sitemap_index.xml
  • Tim Capper: Hi Kamlesh Drolia I still have to say that the actual recipe page layout is wrong for the user like I mentioned last time. Introduction Recipe Method Then you can add the story to the Page, or use seperately as an article which links through to the recipe page. This site dominates for recipes in the UK : https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/ If I am looking for a recipe, I want the recipe I am still seeing Google tiny Urls in you pages .... why why why. You should direct link within your website.

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