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3000 words single page or multiple pages with 600-800 words on each page?

I`m working on an HVAC website, is it best to make one great page talking about everything to do with HVAC or break up each area into different pages? I know this industry is highly competitive. So not sure if one major 3, 000 word page may rank better than 4 600-800 word pages? Thank you in advance for your time.

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  • Alan Bleiweiss: A one page site is painful to experience when looking for specific information during the customer decision process for most people. At a minimum, I recommend home page, main services page, about page, reviews page, and contact page. If there are diverse service offerings, such as residential vs. commercial, new vs. repair, Off of the main services page I would have a sub-page for each of those, or for the primary service types at least. Also, if the business has more than one physical office/store location, I would have a locations page that links to each individual location-specific page. You can expand from there with secondary value pages such as case studies, or photos from jobs.
  • Alan Bleiweiss: Okay so what page would you have 3, 000 words on? Having not enough info is painful, yet so is too much, on one page. So if you already have multiple pages, where are you thinking of for that?
  • Chris Heidlebaugh: So say I have a plumbing page, heating page, HVAC page etc. On each main level page, I would have a quick "why use us, get a quote, phone number and such, but then add educational text about the main topic to have quality content to rank.
  • Chris Heidlebaugh: So my thought was eye candy and call to actions on top, some images and videos, and then content for google. and people who like to read
  • Jeff Ferguson: Break it up into chunks. There’s lots of topics here. Get inside the mind of your prospect. They have questions - answer them. Don’t sweat the length. There’s a bad correlation where length = better ranking because it’s easier to count words than quality. Write as much as you need on the topic to answer the question without boring them to sleep.

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