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What`s the value add (if any) for reducing page load time?

What`s the value add (if any) for updating a B2B website from loading content/interaction from 2-3 seconds to 1 second? (revenue or lead lift %?)
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  • Christopher Fleming: I`d expect a lower bounce rate would be number one. Also possible increase in page views.
  • Casey Markee: "An eCommerce website with page speed 3 seconds or more yields 22% fewer conversions than an eCommerce website that loads in one second." https://www.cdnetworks.com/en/news/how-much-is-each-second-worth-in-ecommerce-check-out-these-15-stats/4312 And that was in 2013! I`m sure the increase now is substantially higher.
  • Michael Stricker: Whatever the advantage is, it multiplies with each additional page... since B2B tends to be a content play, more pages per session, more downloads and more return users. But, alas, I cannot quantify so specifically.
  • Dave Elliott: Google released quite a nice basic benchmarking tool about a month ago www.thinkwithgoogle.com/feature/mobile/
  • Travis Bailey: People are impatient and faced with a lot of distractions. A performance increase of a couple seconds could be a marginal win on a low volume site. Or, it could it could be a massive win on a high traffic site. Either way, people like pages to load as fast as possible.

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