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I redid a website and now google will not index the new website pages

To owner of https://www.mywebsitemadesimple.com/,

You requested that Google validate your fix of Index coverage issues on site https://www.mywebsitemadesimple.com/; specifically pages affected by `Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’`. However, we found that some pages are still affected by this issue.

To examine full details on the validation progress, and to learn how to fix remaining pages, please follow this link.

I am getting this error message above in search console. I redid a website and now google will not index the new website pages.

-I resubmitted the site map multiple times. Any help would be appreciated.

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Lisa Brown: Wix? It`s got a meta noindex tag on every page. Get this removed.
  • Paul Thompson: The error you listed is quite specific about the problem. Your website has `Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’`. Just checking your homepage, it has a meta-noindex tag in the header. I`m assuming the rest of the site has it as well. You`re giving the search engines contradicting instructions. Asking for the pages to be indexed, while the pages themselves contain the requirement NOT to index them. You have to change the Wix setting to allow indexing of the website to get rid of the no-index tags in the header.
  • Matt Swanson: I check in Wix and all the pages are set to be indexed. However, when I submit the site map it is submitting 15 pages but only indexing 2.
  • Matt Swanson: It looks like google is still trying to index the old website pages. How do I get this resolved?
  • Neil Cheesman: The mind boggles... "Social Media Marketing" - last Tweet January 2017...

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