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Can Google read text from an image?

It might sound wierd but what do you think of this duplicate content solution - making screenshot / image of duplicate content. For example, i have list of services and their prices and i want to put that list in a few different pages. I leave that list as a text format in one page and convert that list into image and put it in other pages too. I hope it doesnt sound too difficult and you know what I mean :D Thoughts?
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  • Danny Dekker: Good question, also curious
  • David Ogletree: Will slow down your site. Just use canonical tags.
  • Shaun Allen: Almost sounds like you are trying to rank each page for a differnt keyword using the same type of spun content.. I wouldnt advise this if that`s the case.
  • Edvinas Pozniakas: No, it`s the case where i want to use same piece of content in a few pages which would rank for different keywords and that relevant piece of content would contain about 20-50% of those pages text so i thought it could be an issue so i just made image of that piece of content, put different ALT`s and boom, all pages are 100% unique. I just want to know your opinion guys. Do you think its a right way? (P.S. that piece of content is really beneficial for a few pages - its a pricelist of services)
  • Michael Martinez: Put your list in an iFramed page and block the crawlers from accessing it. Embed the iFramed page everywhere but on the one page you want to have indexed for the list. Include the list directly in the content of that one page.
  • Andy Iqseo: Google has been able to read into images for a while now. I wouldn’t touch this as an idea at all. Or... Create these pages if they are just for visitors. If that’s the case, produce proper duplicates but then canonical them back to the main page that ranks. That’s the same sort of thing as international SEO, where you have duplicate pages but want to show them to different audiences.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: There are a few ways you can do it. Images aren`t the way I`d go, for sure. Some of these suggestions are overthinking the problem, too. We have a ton of ways to do this just using proper HTML tags. Here is probably the most technically correct way to go... https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_blockquote_cite.asp Build your primary services and prices page as you normally would. Then go to the other pages where you want to include that info and put it into a blockquote and cite the original page with your services. (See link above for example). This sort of acts like a canonical tag for that specific block of content within a page rather than for an entire page. If someone searches for something within that list of services, Google will know that the actual services page is the most relevant page dealing with the services. If they search for other things outside the blockquoted list of services, google will then key on the most relevant page. You`ll probably need a new style class to prevent the default blockquote stuff from happening - it will depend upon what you are using for a theme and how it`s defined in whatever CMS you`re using. Typically, blockquotes are given some special formatting right out of the box. Kill it and it`ll just look like part of the page. Depending upon exactly how you`re doing this, you may also want to wrap that entire blockquote in an <aside> tag. Keep in mind that you`re sending two different messages to the robots depending upon whether that is inside or outside your <article> tag. More info: http://html5doctor.com/aside-revisited/ Hope that helps.

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