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Can you explain the pro`s and con`s of using Google AMP?

Thanks for the great SEO help. Can you explain the pro`s and con`s of using Google AMP for the index and core pages of my site, and Bootstrap 3 and 4 in folders that core pages link to for micro applications (Blog, Appointment scheduler, contact page using PHP, etc.)? I want to benefit from the AMP speed and be in Google`s preferential treatment group, but i need to have a blog, appointment scheduler and survey tool that AMP will not validate. Do I need to exclude all pages and folders in robot.txt or will google be okay with some strategy you might explain. All discussion welcome. Doc
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  • Michael Martinez: "Google`s preferential treatment group" <-- I have never heard of such a group so I think you are assuming that something is happening with AMP that is not. AMP pages have been used to populate the carousels in search results, but Google says it will open up carousel inclusion to other similarly fast pages. AMP compliance, however, is not for everyone because it doesn`t replicate all the functionality of a fully-featured Web page. You should browse the AMP guidelines to see what you can move into AMP format from your site before making the decision to do that.

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