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Is there value in displaying social share numbers - yes or no?

Is there `value` in displaying social share numbers - yes or no? (and why)
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Dave Elliott: In terms of seo, none. In terms of vanity and showing off, maybe. I wouldn`t care but some of your users might. People are weird.
  • Neil Cheesman: In terms of displaying the number of shares, can this not also indicate the `value` or even `authority` of a web page? Or aid with it... (this is a question not a statement)
  • Jobin John: I think it has an psychological effect on the visitor.... influencing them to believe that the content is genuine and trustable this may lead people to link to the page and even reshare further.
  • Ryan Jones: value for SEO? nope. psychological? yup.
  • Mal Ö Tonge: For displaying share you will have a negative load impact on your server. for doing this you rely on third party scripts and unnecessary increase to page load. This will increase potential bounce rates, Really not worth it, just to show a accurate share count. To be honest, the majority you see with share count are not infact true. backlinko was one of these, I do it myself, I update share counts manually every month or so, Keep page load to max 2 seconds. If your looking for a sure way to increase bounce rates and lower your search ranks then use all the third party scripts you want. Me personally I keep scripts to a bare bones minimum.
  • Neil Cheesman: My `gut feeling` is that they have value - and yes there will be some measure of server `load` but this should be minimal...
  • April Bonnici: Brand equity and awareness.

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