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What is your approach to dealerships as far as sold items is concerned?

What is your approach to dealerships as far as sold items is concerned? I noticed the particular software vendor had a straight up dead sitemap on both sites so there was that. Then there was 404 pages in index likely relevant despite updates to one of two of their sites. When something is expired in a high volume situation isn`t it best practice to redirect the page to relevant categories so people don`t come to nothing? I mean even assuming something is gone people can still see value by being redirected to a similar page. Even if there is mass volume of random products you can hold certain pages in redirect for a period of a month or two before removing the redirect pages from the redirect file (.htaccess) for expired products/sold/deleted pages.I know big ecommerce just says a product is sold out but it would be more valuable to upsell relevant product for sold out items.

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  • Michael Stricker: Smart Custom 404 pp w relevant recommendations. Google is likely to “soft 404” an out-of-inventory Page, anyway.
  • Adam John Humphreys: For search pages if something isn`t found I like to find relevant items with faceted segmenting for not found. Why would anyone stay on a dead page with no info?
  • Michael Stricker: Adam John Humphreys a smart custom 404 makes relevant recommendations on the page. It can also set expectations for when and if re-stock will occur, and offer to s nd alerts if a sought item enters inventory (leads!)

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