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How to find keyword variations?

How to find keyword variations and how to qualify those keyword variations?

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  • Michelle Hartwell Hamill: look at the bottom of a search page - under "searches related to ..." and also www.lsigraph.com, semrush and googles keyword planner
  • Aditya Babbar: But Mam from these I would get alot of keywords but how can I qualify that keyword variation is fit for me?
  • Travis Bailey: I like Moz`s Keyword Explorer. SEMrush is pretty good too.https://moz.com/explorer/keyword/overview?locale=en-US...
  • Nissongo Pothik: what diffculty score could be considered as low and medium competitive keyword according to semrush?
  • Travis Bailey: 0.0 is no difficulty at all. 1 is "Plan for a very long and difficult campaign.". It`s not always correct. But it`s good enough for the mile high view, while planning or spot checking.
  • Khurram Aziz: the Google keyword planner offers loads of "related suggestions" that you can just expor

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