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Transfering all authenticity details from old page to new page

Couple of days ago, there was a URL www.abc.com/turkey-
Now the URL is www.abc.com/turkey

But when I check DA in one website, it shows no details for `turkey-` but shows for `turkey` page.

Is it possible to transfer all authenticity details from old page to new page this much fast?

See the attached image:

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  • Lyndon NA: How long was the first URI active for?How many links went to that URI?Was there a Canonical Link Element present on the first URI pointing to the second URI?Is there currently a 301 redirect from the first URI to the second URI?When was it first/last crawled?Technically speaking, transferring value from X to Y isn`t difficult, it all depends on how they have their system setup ... and remember, that`s their system - Not Google!
  • Suraj Gadage: +Rajnikant Patel Something doesn`t add up. The domain authority (DA) score is for the overall domain, regardless whatever changes you make to the webpage URL, you should still see the same DA score and perhaps different score for page authority (PA). I suggest you manually check these URLs in Moz Bar.

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