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My site is the top hit on Google but only gets 1, 2 hits a day

Question: My site is the top hit on Google for my nitch, but only gets 1, 2 hits a day? 

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  • Mile Živković: Maybe only you know about your niche then :)
  • Jim Munro: When you check your position, are you using an anonymous browser?
  • Todd Weise: This. Plus. Define for us “top hit for your niche”. Just because you tested with a keyword doesn’t mean your customers are using that query.
  • Andrea von Eugen: Sure you aren`t signed in to Google? Also did you check the search volumes beforehand???
  • David Gizzarelli: it may just be G analytics because my hosting stats are much higher
  • Paul Thompson: Have to be careful with hosting stats s they also record bot visits.It could well be that Analytics is recording accurately, but traffic is a second-order indicator. Are you getting actual conversions from the site? Phone calls, emails etc
  • David Gizzarelli: Paul Thompson i get a few emails from my quote form a month. i don’t think any calls. my business site is photos and information. my site is not encrypted
  • David Gizzarelli: Paul Thompson my business comes from google and yelp, but there is my site right under Yelp
  • Paul Thompson: Go to your Google Search Console and have a look at your Impressions vs Clicks for your important pages and search terms.If you`re typically showing up under Yelp, you`re going to need to do a really good job with your page Meta Title and Meta Description in order to entice searchers to click on your result instead of Yelp. And of course, optimise the hell out of your Yelp presence so that even if they click there, you`ll still make the sale.
  • David Gizzarelli: Paul Thompson thanks i’ll work on it
  • J Gwendolyn Arana: Are you looking at your URL and all it`s different variations? Are there possibly parameters that you`re not looking at?
  • David Gizzarelli: my canonization is setup correctly
  • Travis Bailey: Sweet. When am I Pope? `Canonicalization`
  • Travis Bailey: It sounds like you`re spot checking with some kind of personalized history. Use the incognito function on chrome or firefox.
  • David Gizzarelli: it ranks highest in my local area
  • Travis Bailey: Left handed massage therapist? What`s the query or site?
  • David Gizzarelli: are you saying that it may not have high ranking?
  • Travis Bailey: It may not, depending upon some circumstances.
  • David Gizzarelli: part of the issue is that Yelp is always there at the top of the page. Im right under Yelp. is Yelp always on top?
  • Lauren Terfehr: What’s the KV for the query? If it’s super low volume you’re not going to drive much traffic anyway
  • Lior Mendoza: try to create buz on one of your products that you sell

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